North Transept “Hard Hat” Tours

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From mid-October, members of the Friends of Shakespeare’s Church have had the opportunity to view the work being done to conserve the 13th century North Transept.

Louis James, the owner of James Building Conservation Ltd, explained how the cement mortar used to point the stonework in the early 20th century has worked loose over time, causing a degree of damage to the surrounding stone. This cement has been painstakingly removed and wherever necessary, damaged stone replace on a like for like basis. The joints are repointed with lime mortar which itself has been colour matched to the original. After a few days the surface is brushed to reveal the grit added to the mortar “making it shine like small diamonds”. Finally, any damaged areas are protected by brushing on a shelter coat of stone dust mixed with lime and applied on a stone by stone basis. This ensures a perfect colour match while protecting the walls from the worst of the weather.

Members have been amazed at the level of detailed work involved in the conservation and all have been impressed at the level of craftmanship and patience required to complete the work. The overall result is a beautiful, subtle blend of soft colour that will keep the North Transept shining for years to come.

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